Easy Bean Farm

I did not know what other category this would fit in, but I wanted to
include information on a few things that I am happy are in our small town.

Easy Bean Farm is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm located about 1 hour south of Morris near Milan. While they are not technically in Morris, they do deliver shares to Morris and that makes them a valuable asset to our community.

As a CSA farm, Easy Bean sells shares at the beginning of the year. Then during growing season they deliver a box of freshly picked, organically grown vegetables each week. The contents of the box varies with what is being harvested that week, so you are never sure exactly what you will get, but it is all the best of organic, heirloom seed produce. Once you get used to such excellent fresh produce, standard grocery store offerings will never seem the same again. The weekly drop-offs become a small community event where you socialize with other people who enjoy fine food.

The farmers welcome members to visit the farm to help out, or just for fun. During the summer they deliver shares each Tuesday afternoon to the Pomme de Terre food coop in Morris. You can find more details at the Easy Bean Web Page