Morris Theater

Located on 6th street near the library and post office, the Morris movie theatre is a nice old fashioned locally-owned, large single screen theater. It shows 2 movies each week with an early and late show. They do a good job of getting most mainstream releases, although usually not immediately as they open nationally. Several times a year they cooperate with campus and community groups to show international films and classic films. Comfy seats, air conditioning and standard movie theater concessions. Tuesday is bargain night.

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In the Summer of 2007 the Morris Theater was put up for sale by the current owner, who was ready to retire. A group of citizens who felt it was important for the community to continue to have a first run movie theater in town formed a partnership to purchase the theater. They are now making plans to make some improvements to the theater building and operate it as a cooperative. For more news and information please visit their web site at: