John's Total Entertainment

I did not know what other category this would fit in, but I wanted to include information on a few things that I am happy are in our small town.

John's is a mix of a little bit of book store, music store, comic shop, card shop, game shop and cell phone dealer. He stocks a modest selection of music and books but is happy to order things for you if he doesn't have them. I find his prices competative with online shopping. He also carries used video games and DVD's, trading card games like Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh, Dungeon and Dragons supplies and books and variety of fun miscellaneous stuff. What makes John's special is how good John is with the town's youth. He rents video game time and runs card game leagues in the basement. Although some parents jokingly lament that they could just foward their kids allowance straight to John, he provides a valuable service as a defacto youth center in Morris.

I am more than happy to give him my business whenever I can.