There are four grocery stores in Morris:

25 E. 7th Street
(320) 589-4040

A tradition in Morris and well liked for friendliness and good service and attitude. Willie's carries a wider variety of foods than you might think, provides old fashioned carry out service, and if you don't find what you need, Willie's can usually order it for you. They will also deliver items to your home, which can be a real life-saver when you are sick or your car is snowed in.


Pomme de Terre Food Coop
511 Oregon Avenue
(320) 589-4332


A food co-op is a group of people who become members of an organization, the purpose of which is to buy food in bulk in order to keep the cost down. Members pay an annual membership fee and get a 5% price reduction. Members who work at the Co-Op receive a sliding scale price reduction up to 20%. Pomme de Terre has hard to find food items, especially for Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, and for people with food allergies. Also a good place for organic produce, meats, spices, coffee beans, bulk teas and special flours. Stop by and meet some neat people. Non-members can buy at the Co-Op; they just pay full price. New expanded location in 2015, across the street from the public library.


La Tienda de Morris
Main Floor City Center Mall
618 Atlantic Ave
(320) 585-6110
Hispanic groceries. New location features fresh meats, produce and bakery.


Meadowland Market
10 W 6th St (Old UBC Lumber Building)
(320) 585-5050

Meadowland Market is a "bent and dent" discount grocery store. They carry a wide variety of household and grocery items which are past date, have damaged packaging or are odd lots. Now carrying seasonal produce and local meats. This store can be fun for adventursome shoppers on a budget, as odd international items which are not usually available in Morris sometimes appear on the shelves. Inventory is always changing.


Coborn's - Coborns closed for business October 1, 2009

Coburn's has video rentals as well as a full grocery store and a convenience store and gas. Open 24 hrs. Located at Hwy 28 & Hwy 9 next to McDonalds and Holiday gas pumps. 589-3829



Updated 3/22/2015