UMM Wind Turbine

Newcomers to are sure to notice the UMM wind turbines as a prominent feature on the Morris skyline. Located on the east edge of town on the ridge overlooking the Pomme de Terre river, the turbine towers loom 230 feet over the prairie with each blade reaching an additional 135 feet into the sky. They are 1.65 megawatt units manufactured by Vestas . The turbines are the showpiece of the WCROC (West Central Research and Outreach Center) renewable energy research center and currently provides between 70 and 100 percent of campus electrical needs. In my personal opinion they are a beautiful thing to see, like a giant piece of public art quietly swishing away. The shiny white surface reflects the color of sunsets and makes it appear to glow golden sometimes.

You can read more about the turbines and other campus renewable energy projects at:

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Updated 6/11/2012