Forget the scientific explanation. Just remember that if it is cold, the harder the wind blows, the harder it is to stay warm. If it's below zero with a strong wind (which it will be some days every winter in Morris), you can get frostbite if you're dumb enough not to bundle up and keep your skin covered.

Many people enjoy winter outdoor activities. The key to being comfortable outdoors in the winter is to dress in layers so you can stay warm without sweating. Wet skin and wet clothes do not insulate well. Blue jeans are not very warm in the winter. Wool over thermal underwear is.

Your head requires a large blood supply. In cold weather you lose a lot of body heat through your bare head. The old saying "If your feet are cold, put your hat on" makes physiological sense.

Mittens are warmer than gloves because your fingers together help to heat one another, while it is harder to keep them warm when they are separated in gloves.

Snow blindness is a real condition and can happen on bright sunny days when the snow really reflects light. Snow blindness is like trying to see after someone has shot off a camera flash in your face. The easiest way to avoid it is to use a pair of g ood quality sunglasses on bright winter days.

For more on blizzards, windchill and winter driving, try the National Weather Service's site Winter Storms