Just got some updated information on the shuttle service (7/11/06)

Twin City Passenger Service has been bought by Executive
Express , which is operating it as of July 1. They have changed the schedule and the price, but the departure points and destinations remain the same. Under their schedules, trips each way take an extra hour. For the time being, Executive Express has restored twice-daily service to Morris on weekdays. It is possible to reserve on the internet at, and by phone at the former number (800-950-2930) or another number (888-522-9899).

Prices are now $61 one-way and $115 round trip.

Here is the new schedule:

Depart UMM 6 a.m., DeToy's 6:15 a.m.- arrive MSP 10:30
Depart UMM 10:15 a.m., DeToy's 10:30 a.m. - arrive MSP 2:45 p.m.
Depart MSP 12 noon - arrive Morris 3:45
Depart MSP 4 p.m. - arrive Morris 7:45

Depart UMM 6 a.m., DeToy's 6:15 - arrive MSP 10:30
Depart MSP 12 noon - arrive Morris 3:45

Depart UMM 8:15 a.m., DeToy's 8:30 am.m - arrive MSP 2:45 p.m.
Depart MSP 3 p.m. - arrive Morris 6:45

They still serve UMTC on request with stops at the Metrodome Radisson
University (on Washington Ave. in Stadium Village). Arrival there
depends on other passengers' flight schedules. If there are early
flights, they'll go to MSP first and arrive at the Radisson as soon
thereafter as possible. On the way back to Morris, they leave MSP
first and then swing by the Radisson about a half hour later.